About Powered by Teams

We help leaders and their teams reinvent work to thrive in change.

Too many organizations are buried in layers of history, hierarchy and habit.    A business archaeologist on a company dig would unearth ways of working born of the Industrial Revolution.  Business is a machine. Leaders direct. Workers do.  People are interchangeable cogs in a machine producing the same thing over and over again. Except the world has changed a lot since 1900.  So now what?

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”

~ Max McKeown

Powered by Teams helps leaders and their teams strip away layers of “status quo” work patterns to unleash the joy of work. Work that is adaptive, purposeful, and humanistic.   We believe that strength lies in people.  People – not technology, management fads or complicated business frameworks.  People are the key to thriving in the midst of constant change today. We leverage advances in business agility, neuroscience, team psychology, and change leadership to deliver fresh, interactive programs that help leaders & teams “put their dent in the universe.”  (as Steve Jobs so famously said).

What We Believe….

The Power of People

We believe that the extraordinary becomes achievable through people – connected and collaborating in teams and networks. By working together – just about anything is possible.

Making a Difference

We believe that our job is to make ourselves obsolete. We focus on contributing to the success of our clients as quickly as possible so that they are able to sustain positive change on their own.

Mastery over Mediocrity

We start with a “beginner’s mind” – with the commitment to continuously learn, improve, and grow towards mastery. There’s always a way to make “it” better – and we know that there’s no final destination in the pursuit of mastery.

Living “Pono”

We are inspired by the Hawaiian concept of “Pono” where our decisions and actions are driven to do right by ourselves, by others, and by the world.  It is a commitment to integrity, balance, and optimism in all of our ways of working.

The Wow Factor

We believe that work should be deeply fulfilling with bold moments of wow and delight.  It is in these unexpected moments that good ideas become brilliant; customers become raving fans; and teams do the best work of their lives.