Pocket Agility™ Workshops

Give us 120 minutes, and we’ll give you a new skill. 

Each Pocket Agilityworkshop is a focused stand-alone session designed to give just enough theory, balanced with hands-on practice to put a new skill into action as soon as the workshop is over.  Leave with a handout, resources, and a personal action plan. 

“It is particularly useful to get soft skills training from someone with technical background and experience in scientific/engineering roles…in other generic managerial workshops,  I often felt like a dolphin at a giraffe convention. Here, your examples are so spot on and you know your audience – what a treat.”
(Functional manager, Medical Devices company)
“The workshop was the best day of my year, and I have been having a great year.  It was an eye-opening experience.”
(Participant, Public workshop in 2018)

Join us for a live 2-hour workshop online: 

Effective Feedback
Learn and practice giving & receiving feedback without the “ouch.” Everyone
Coaching Skills Foundations 
Learn and practice a simple model for business coaching conversations that rock. People Managers & Leaders
Navigating Conflict at Work
Stop avoiding it.  Learn to lead through conflict with trust & psychological safety. Everyone
Agile Mindsets & EQ
Change your mind. Change your outcomes. Learn 4 mindsets that turbocharge Agility & EQ. Everyone
High Performing Teams
Learn the human-side of developing amazing
virtual teams.
Leaders & Teams
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We are constantly experimenting with new Pocket Agility workshops on topics important to today’s leaders and teams.  Get insider information on what’s in our backlog & when it will be ready for release.  We promise to keep our updates infrequent, focused and oh-so-juicy. 

Need More?

Pocket Agility workshops are just the starting point.  If you want a deeper dive on any of these topics or want a private workshop just for your teams at work – let us know!  We’ve got the building blocks to put together the perfect workshop for your leaders, teams and change catalysts!