High Performing Virtual Teams

High performing teams are rarely an “overnight success.” It takes time for a working group to develop into a cohesive team where the collective genius produces extraordinary business outcomes.   And what happens when such a team shifts from in-person work to distributed, virtual work?

“The old rules of what makes a great team still apply, whether you’re a remote team or not. You can’t build a culture if you don’t have trust, accountability, and mutual respect.”

~Tracey Halvorsen, Fastspot

Thriving on a high-performing virtual team requires more than a decent internet connection and Slack. Explore the human-side of high-performing virtual teams. How do you make the translation to the virtual world? What stays the same?  What’s different?   How can you, as a leader, inspire teams to excel in the virtual world?

In this interactive session, you’ll learn:

  • The essential characteristics of high-performing virtual teams so that that you can determine how your team is doing now.
  • Normal team development stages, how they are affected by virtual work, and what you can do as a leader to facilitate your virtual team’s progression through the stages.
  • Methods to Increase trust and psychological safety on virtual teams and with management
  • New tools and techniques to support the ongoing growth of virtual team performance.
  • Techniques for you, as a leader, to foster a vibrant virtual team culture through communication and connection.

What You’ll Need:

  • Two-hours to focus & fully participate in the workshop
  • The usual tech – computer, headset and internet access so that we can see and hear you
  • Workshop worksheet (to be emailed to you after registration)
  • Your questions & ideas on the subject


This workshop is taught online via Zoom with a live facilitator.

This workshop is for:  Leaders & Teams

Price:  $195

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