Changing the Future of Work – Business Agility Foundations

At any given time, our organizations are surfing multiple waves of change. Technology, business, people and regulatory changes combine to create a seemingly endless tsunami of change engulfing our work. Instead of rowing against the tide of change – what if we embrace the opportunity within change by changing course towards the NorthStar: Business Agility?  Organizations on this journey are learning to adapt to change, responsively adjust course, and thrive in a competitive market waters.

As the foundation for ICAgile’s Business Agility suite of courses, this highly interactive course is intended for change leaders on a mission to catalyze agile change in their organizations.

What is Business Agility?  Why does it matter in the context of today’s business environment?   How can we reset our mindset and ways of working to support an organization’s change journey towards Business Agility?  Discover the answers to these questions and leave the workshop with your own map for the future of work.

Course Content:

  • The Case for Change – teams, customers & continuous learning
  • Business Agility Big Picture – values, principles & patterns
  • Aligning around a compelling vision & purpose in the midst of emergent change
  • The Neurology of Change – brain-based approaches for working with varying change styles, capacity and resistance
  • Changing minds for Business Agility – mindsets, blind spots and polarities
  • Key differentiating behaviors for change success – questioning, experimenting, reframing and learning
  • Overview of frameworks and tools to implement and sustain business agility- including lean systems, lean start-up, design thinking, Kanban, and iterative frameworks
  • Action plans and success measures to reinforce and sustain forward momentum towards Business Agility

Learning Outcomes:

  • Summarize the business context and key drivers motivating organizations to move towards Business Agility
  • Define Business Agility and its value in everyday business language
  • Describe new ways of thinking about work and its challenges that are central to Business Agility success.
  • Practice key behaviors that enable an organization to become more agile.
  • Identify and differentiate frameworks and tools that can help an organization implement and sustain Business Agility.
  • Define action plans with specific tools and measures to catalyze organizational growth towards Business Agility as its new normal.

This Course is Designed for:

  • Change catalysts & change agents (aren’t we all, these days?)
  • Business leaders & managers – including those outside the world of software development
  • Business consultants interesting in understanding “Business Agility” in the context of their domain of expertise
  • Agile coaches & consultants

What You Will Receive:

  • An immersive virtual learning experience facilitated by a highly respected instructor
  • Access to supporting workshop material
  • Continuing Education: Scrum Alliance:  16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) & PMI: 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Certification : ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF)

Course Details:

  • Length: 16 hours of instruction
  • Format Options: Live online, Private online, Private onsite (available post COVID19)

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This training is available for private online or private in-person delivery.