Executive Leadership Agility – The Bottom Line

What’s the bottom line for business agility?  Is it a buzzword, fad, cliché? Or is it a concrete approach capable of transforming organizational effectiveness, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and the bottom line for your business? It all depends. The potential benefits can be huge.
Sustaining these benefits requires more than delegating implementation to a few product teams.  It requires leadership across the enterprise.  The course is designed to both build a shared understanding of what business agility means from an executive perspective, and to spark a deep discussion of what is needed to ignite and empower agility across an organization.

This course gives executives and leaders the bottom line on business agility.  Through facilitated discussions, peer-to-peer conversation, and interactive exercises – participants will explore the essential why, what, and how of leading business agility.

Spoiler alert – it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” plug and play framework.  This workshop explores how business agility empowers teams and organizations to flourish in the midst of change by taking a people-first approach to work.

Course Content:

  • Context & Business Case for Business Agility 
  • The Northstar of Business Agility – Agile Manifesto, Principles and Patterns 
  • “Agile” & “agility” – beyond the buzzwords 
  • The View at 100,000 feet – Business Agility Executive Overview 
  • The Evolving Role of Leadership – Give & Take of Business Agility 
  • Business Agility practices across the organization – the key to sustaining positive change 
  • What Now?  Defining your next steps forward 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe why companies adopt agile ways of working including the business value, benefits and common headaches
  • Paint the executive “big picture” of what business agility is (and is not) at the organizational level
  • Describe how the role, responsibilities and mindset of Leadership evolves in an effective agile organization
  • Identify ways that agile business practices differ from more traditional business processes
  • Develop a personal action plan as an organizational leader to actively instigate and sustain wildly successful agility across the organization

This Course is Designed for:   

  • C-Suite Executives  
  • Senior Business Leaders across the organization (not just product development) 
  • Senior Coaches & Consultants looking to understand the world of business agility in the context of their consulting practice domain

What You Will Receive:   

  • An immersive virtual learning experience facilitated by a highly respected instructor 
  • Access to supporting workshop material 
  • Continuing Education:  Scrum Alliance:  8 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) & PMI: 8 Professional Development Units (PDUs) 

Course Details:  

  • Length:  8 hours of instruction 
  • Format Options: Private online (delivered in 2 to 4hour segments), Private onsite (available post COVID 19) 
  • Certification – this course does not lead to certification 

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This training is available for private online or private in-person delivery.