Leadership Agility: Leading into the Future of Work

Today’s business leaders are challenged with enabling their organization’s success in the face of constant and inevitable change. The pace of market and technology advancements brings both obstacles and opportunities. In today’s business environment, “status quo” practices, values and attitudes fall short of the level of adaptability teams, leaders, and organizations need to respond quickly and effectively to the changing environment around them. As more organizations recognize the potential of agility in transforming the Future of Work – the imperative for leaders to develop greater leadership agility becomes a critical part of the equation.

As more organizations recognize the potential of Agility to transform the Future of Work – the imperative for leaders to develop greater Leadership Agility grows.

This highly experiential, in-depth course explores the many facets of leadership – personal and human-centric agility, core leadership behavioral changes, and taking a system approach to catalyzing transformational change. Through facilitated discussions, peer-to-peer conversation, and interactive exercises – participants will complete this course with a deeper understanding of their role as a leader in defining the Future of Work, a set of tools to leverage, and an action plan to lead the way.

If you’re ready to explore what it takes to lead modern teams and organizations through harnessing the agility mindset and practices – to boldly act on opportunities and deliver extraordinary outcomes- this course is for you.

Course Content:

  • Today versus Tomorrow – why leadership agility is needed for the future of work?
  • Personal agility – how do agile leaders think, act, and grow? How do we need to change our mental models and continuously adapt? How can we practice the skill of unlearning to make room for new mindsets and skills?
  • People agility – how do agile leaders build constructive, vibrant relationships with individuals and teams through social awareness, building trust and connection, human
    systems thinking, and great communication and collaboration?
  • Organizational agility – what role do leaders need to play in catalyzing and sustaining transformational change towards the Future of Work? How do we tell the story of where we are heading and why?
  • What’s Next – personal action planning for your ongoing development of leadership agility aligned with your vision for the Future of Work in the context of your personal leadership journey and organizational imperatives.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The why and what of Leading with Agility
  • Developing Personal Agility
  • Developing Self as Leader
  • Developing Relationship Agility
  • Leading to Agility

This Course is Designed for:

  • A leader or aspiring leader committed to continually developing your leadership skills to enable your organization and people to thrive today’s emerging markets
  • A leader looking to inspire and support their teams and organization towards greater excellence in business agility
  • A leader or aspiring leader looking for new ideas and tools in your toolbox to increase the impact of individuals and teams on meeting your business objectives
  • A change leader looking to “change how we change” so that change becomes the way we work, instead of being done “to the organization”

These skills are hard to learn via lecture alone – so this workshop is hands-on and interactive. This is no Powerpoint snooze-fest. Short presentations cover concepts. Immersive team-based exercises are interwoven into each lesson to get you hands-on practice. Individual reflection time will give you the opportunity to apply concepts to your context. Small and full group deep-dive discussions leverage the collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom of you, as participants, in shaping the journey together.

What You Will Receive:

  • An immersive virtual learning experience facilitated by a highly respected instructor
  • All the material required by ICAgile for its Leading with Agility, ICP-LEA certification
  • A plethora of reference materials, stories, tips, tricks, and practices to facilitate leading agile teams and organizations
  • Continuing Education: 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs); 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Course Details:

  • Length: 16 hours of instruction
  • Format Options: Live online, Private online, Private onsite
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