Outreach Offers

In service to the wider community of Agile, Powered By Teams offers discounts for online CSM and CSPO registrations under certain circumstances and constraints.  These fall into three categories:

  • For Everyone:  Early Bird discounts

    To encourage early decisions to enroll we offer Early Bird discounts on a limited number of registrations for all our publicly available CSM and CSPO workshops.  Because we publish our courses 60 days or more in advance, you can almost always find an available discount using these links:
    CSM listings
    CSPO listings.

  • For those in Job Search

    Bernie (our lead trainer) was in a job search for 15 months in the 2008-09 recession.  (For a free series of tutorials with strategies for effective job search please see these videos. If you find them beneficial, please like and share them with your own networks.)

    In part because of Bernie’s experiences we offer a substantive discount for single person registrations on any Guaranteed to Run CSM or CSPO workshop for those willing to provide validation of their situation.  Some recipients have used a layoff letter, others have used a statement from their state / local unemployment department.  We’re open to suggestions.

  • For Non-Profits, Active Duty Military,  Honorably Discharged Veterans and Refugees from war stricken countries

    Pro Bono (no cost) registrations are available in any Guaranteed to Run CSM or CSPO workshop for those who can validate their eligibility in this category and are willing to provide some paperwork required by Scrum Alliance (the certifying body) as noted below.  To finalize eligibility for a complete waiver (including certification fees from Scrum Alliance), you’ll also need to provide a signed letter from a representative of the group being served confirming the course was provided at no cost.  Please initiate these requests two weeks ahead of a desired course to allow for approval by Scrum Alliance processes.

    • For Non Profits

      The requesting organization needs to be recognized by a regulatory authority in its country as a charity or non profit (e.g. a 501(c)(3) in the United States). We ask that you provide documentation of this status (e.g. via a link or PDF) from the relevant authority.

    • For Active Duty Military and Honorably Discharged Veterans

      For Honorably Discharged Veterans, please share a copy of your form DD214. If you’re active duty, this service


      might also have some ways to validate AD. Please, if you can, redact all Personally Identifiable Information (like a SSN) other than your name to respect your privacy.

    • For Refugees

      Please contact us via the email in the next paragraph and help put us in touch with an agency that can validate your status.

If you’d like more information on these outreach offers, or to provide validation of your eligibility, please send an email to hello@poweredbyteams.com.  On any validation of status provided, we do request that the person obscure any personal information (like SSN or address) other than their name.  We want to help preserve people’s privacy.

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