Team Agility for Everyone – It’s Not Just for Software

Wondering how Agile might benefit your delivery teams, even if they don’t write code? Explore the world of Agile without the technical jargon, software war stories, or framework dogma.  Teams have successfully used Agile ways of working everywhere from schools to nonprofits to Hollywood films to rock climbing gyms.  In situations where teams need to collaborate to deal with unexpected change, ambiguous requests, and fast-moving fire-drills – Agile may help your teams get more done, delight more customers, and find greater satisfaction in their jobs.

As the foundation for ICAgile’s Agile Delivery suite of courses, this highly interactive course is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn more about Agile.

Rather than present “paint-by-number” Agile frameworks, this course begins with the essential principles and mindsets that underpin Agile.  From there, we will explore the who, what, and how of Agile ways of both thinking and working.   With this practical frame of reference, you’ll not only understand the essential aspects of Agile, but will experience first-hand what it means to be part of an Agile team collaborating to deliver a group project as part of the course.  Finally, you’ll complete the course with a customized plan for bringing more agility to you and your team’s work.

Course Content:

  • Context for Agile in Business
    • Why Agile – benefits, challenges & myths of Agile
    • The Agile Manifesto & Principles
    • Agile mindset & learning organizations
  • Agile in a Nutshell – Key Patterns for Success
  • Agile Roles & Responsibilities
    • Common roles on Agile teams & alternative approaches
    • Defining & involving the customers and end-users
    • What about managers & stakeholders?
  • Agile Practices & Events for Value-Driven Development
    • Agile Requirements – defining, planning & estimating the work
    • Agile Teamwork – collaborating to develop a shared understanding
    • Agile Stand-ups – keeping the team in-sync and focused
    • Agile Reviews – getting stakeholder & customer feedback on deliverables
    • Agile Retrospectives – reflecting & adapting for continuous improvement
  • Agile Tools – backlogs, task boards & information radiators
  • Tying it All Together – Experience the roles, activities and outcomes of an Agile team through a group project planned, developed and delivered during the course

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the origin of Agile and its values, principles and mindset in everyday business language.
  • Define how roles and work processes shift on an Agile team
  • Explain how Agile teams self-organize and incrementally deliver pieces of value more quickly than traditional approaches that rely on more management direction
  • Evaluate how frequent collaboration and feedback with customers help Agile teams deliver better products and services.
  • Practice Agile approaches to planning, estimating, and reporting work.
  • Explain the importance of frequent feedback in Agile and how it can be used to improve the product, processes and customer satisfaction.
  • Select opportunities to experiment with Agile ways of working personally, as well as potentially with your team at work.

This Course is Designed for:

  • Anyone curious about incorporating Agile ways of working into their business or work
  • Team members and leaders launching new Agile Teams
  • Team members joining existing or new Agile Teams
  • Leaders and managers of groups who collaborate with Agile teams in their organization (HR, Marketing, Customer Support, etc.)
  • Consultants looking to understand Agile and how it impacts their particular domain of expertise

What You Will Receive:

  • An immersive virtual learning experience facilitated by a highly respected instructor
  • Access to supporting workshop material
  • Continuing Education: Scrum Alliance:  16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) & PMI: 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Course Details:

  • Length: 16 hours of instruction
  • Format Options: Live online, Private online, Private onsite (available post COVID19)