Language of Leadership – Beyond Words!

Wait. What did you just say? We don’t just talk with words – we talk with our whole bodies. And sometimes we have no idea what we just communicated.

As leaders – it’s essential that we connect with others and congruently communicate so that our message is understood and acted on.

Learning the fine art of nonverbal communication will help raise your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) by building your self-awareness and self-management.  You’ll get the “whole story” by connecting what other people say with their nonverbal body language.  And you’ll be able to build rapport with anyone – even in high pressure situations – so that they are more receptive to your message.

Join us for this hands-on, science-based course to learn & practice non-verbal communication skills essential for effective leadership.  This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to be a more effective influencer by making sure their nonverbal language matches their words.

Course Content:

  • The science behind body language and rapport
  • The power of peripheral vision
  • Reading people – sensory acuity
  • Making the one-to-one connection – establishing rapport with an individual
  • Reading a room – establishing rapport with a group
  • Digital body language – establishing rapport online
  • Powerful gestures and body stances
  • Impact of culture on nonverbal communication
  • Personal action planning for experimentation & practice

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practice using peripheral vision to broaden awareness and manage personal reactions
  • Learn how to baseline sensory acuity and use changes to understand emotional changes in others
  • Describe what rapport is, how to establish it, and how it supports excellent communication
  • Practice building rapport with individuals and groups
  • Understand how to build rapport online in videoconferences, phone calls, and text messages
  • Learn and practice 5 powerful body stances and gestures based on psychological archetypes
  • Describe how body language and rapport are impacted by cultural (geographic) differences

This Course is Designed for:

  • Leaders and aspiring leaders looking to improve their communication skills
  • Change catalysts who need to build support for change initiatives
  • Coaches and consultants who need to quickly build rapport with their clients

What You Will Receive:

  • An immersive virtual learning experience facilitated by a highly respected instructor
  • Access to supporting workshop material
  • Continuing Education: Scrum Alliance:  8 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) & PMI: 8 Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Course Details:

  • Length: 8 hours of instruction
  • Format Options: Private online (delivered in 2 to 4-hour segments), Private onsite (available post COVID19)
  • Certification – this course does not lead to certification

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This training is available for private online or private in-person delivery.